The end of term show for the year six pupils at Falmouth Primary Academy was made all that more special by the fact they left the school hall behind and took to the stage of a real theatre.

While the dress rehearsals of Hoodwinked, the school's take on Robin Hood, were held in school, giving all the other pupils the chance to see it, the actual performance in front of family took place at The Poly.

Every child in year six had a part to play in the production, whether it was on stage as a performer, or back stage as a technician. The cast had been learning the songs since April ahead of the start of rehearsals a month later with all their hard work coming together for the actual performance.

"The Poly has been really generous and let us use the facilities for free," said year six teacher and assistant head, Hannah Moorlock. "It has been a fantastic experience for them. Performing it at a theatre is a bit different for them, much more professional."

The school has applied for Arts Council funding to enable it to work more closely with The Poly in the future and hold workshops and even get the chance to meet some of the professionals who perform at the theatre.

Pupils do though, already, have a professional actor in their midst who helped stage Hoodwinked. Teacher Toby Nancholas was an actor before giving it up for a career in education and along with teaching assistant Alethea Matthews, guided the youngsters through the process.