Macmillan was the clear winner after four friends took on the cancer charity’s “longest day” challenge to complete four round of golf in a day.

Fifteen hours, 72 holes, 300 (ish) shots and 20 miles of walking around the Budock Vean’s golf course ended with the hotel’s dinner guests piling out of the restaurant to clap and cheer Simon Dixon, Robert Gardner, Cy Prynn and Jason Hall, on their final 18th hole.

The friends, all from Constantine, decided to join the Macmillan challenge because they all love sport and had all experienced loved-ones being affected by cancer.

“It went really well,” said Simon. “We started at six in the morning and finished around nine at night - hard work but so well worth it. Surprisingly it was more mentally tiring than physically. And it was such a nice touch when the hotel guests came out to cheer us at the end.”

The guys were among 3,000 teams from around the UK taking part in Macmillan’s Longest Day Golfing Challenge to raise at least £1.5million for people affected by cancer.

“All of us here at the hotel really had to take our hats off to these guys,” said Budock Vean’s owner Martin Barlow. “It’s easy enough to say ‘four rounds of golf in a day’ but incredibly hard to do – so it was a real privilege for us to be able to host this challenge for such a good cause.”

So far the lads' efforts have raised £1,000, but there is still time to make a donation just go to