Students from across Cornwall received a veterinary masterclass at Nexus, Camborne Science and International Academy’s STEM Centre.

Director of Nexus, Dr Jo Foster said: “We’re very proud to be a partner school of the Royal Veterinary College. Senior lecturers from the RVC visited us for an exclusive educational programme and the first of its kind in Cornwall.”

Schools from all over the county were asked to nominate students from years ten to 12, who are all aspiring vets, to take part in the masterclass. Dr Foster said: “On July 11, 30 bright and inquisitive young adults arrived at Nexus. The few days were incredibly special and the students were captivated from the beginning.”

The students took part in lectures, practical activities and workshops including lab work in zoology, dissection and animal hormones.

Deputy director of admissions at RVC Jon Parry said: “It is important for a world-renowned institution such as the RVC to work not only internationally but also with talented young people from the UK, especially in places which may seem a long way from London.

“The masterclass was aimed at students who are hoping to become vets, medics or enter a career in biomedical sciences. They enjoyed unique activities include tracking a cheetah using a data tag, bandaging dogs and cats, simulating operations and interpreting x-rays.

“It is important that students are encouraged in their ambitions. Anyone can be a vet if they have the talent, skill and dedication. We hope one day these students at CSIA will be students at the Royal Veterinary College.”