The headteacher of Mawnan Smith School has retired after 21 years in the post and 31 years working in the village.

Randall Brook has twice been celebrated by the parents and pupils of the school, first at a service in Mawnan Parish Church attended by the Right Reverend Tim Thornton, Bishop of Truro, as well as former Mawnan pupils, then at a ceremony ahead of sports day on the last day of term.

He told the Packet that although he felt very sad to be leaving, it was "the right thing to do," and he will be retiring at the same time as his twin brother - a headteacher in Sheffield - after both having spent 42 of their 62 years in the same profession.

He said: It was him that made me think 'if he's retiring, perhaps it's time I thought about it.'"

Mr Brook also reflected on a project set up by his brother to support a school in Nepal, which he and the Mawnan pupils joined, leading to him visiting the country in the wake of its devastating earthquakes last year.

He said: "Going to Nepal was a bit harrowing, seeing what they have to live through... but it was a fantastic project, and one which I might still carry on.

"Supporting the school with money and things, we sent a little bit just recently."

And he talked about his own passion, which has always been music: "And the number of children that have played music, and enjoyed it. All the different musical things we have done."

And he said although he will not longer be working at the school, he will still be around, as his son goes into year five next year, and his wife teaches there. In the meantime, he is also considering getting back to his music as a teacher.

Asked what he will miss most about the school, Mr Brook said it was the children: "The staff are great, the school is a wonderful place, but it's the interaction with the children.

"The pupils and the staff and the parents, the whole community has been wonderful. I've greatly enjoyed being a part of it.

"In a way I'll still be part of it, as a parent, but in another way my part in the community will be changed."

Mr Brook was presented with gifts of pictures from the infant and junior years at the school, as well as a special gift from the school governors, while the vice-chair Martin Barlow thanked him for all he had done to educate and inspire the children.