Steve Tilston and Jez Lowe, who have both previously appeared solo at The St Ives September Festival, have joined forces for their return this year.

Two of the UK folk scene's finest singer-songwriters, they first came together as a duo after meeting up in Massachusetts music club while touring in the USA.

Back home, Yorkshire-based Tilston and north-easterner Lowe have rekindled the spontaneity of their late-night song swaps for tour appearances on the back of their acclaimed album The Janus Games, and will be at the Western Hotel on Thursday, September 14, during the first week of the 15-day festival.

While Tilston has tended to plough a lone furrow throughout his career, Lowe has contributed to a number of collective projects including The Broonzies and The Pitmen Poets, while sometimes appearing with backing band The Bad Pennies.

Lowe's songs were shaped by the closure of industries including the coal mines, and the effects on their communities.

He was also influenced by the Easington pit disaster, near his home, which claimed 83 lives four years before he was born, and social injustice has been a driving force behind his songwriting.

Tilston has had a more varied career, running a folk club with Bert Jansch for a short period and dabbling in rock, jazz and even music for ballet, whilst remaining predominantly a folk singer.

British folk music veteran Mike Harding, former presenter of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show, said: "They work so well together – two of our best songwriters and singers, understanding and enriching each other’s songs."

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