A Falmouth teenager has said she is "sick and traumatised" and unable to go out after she was allegedly punched in the face and stamped on in a late night attack.

Zara Blundell, 18, currently has no sight in one eye, and suffered a black eye, broken nose and chipped tooth following the alleged assault outside Subway at around 3am on Saturday morning.

Zara had been on a night out with friends when the group was allegedly attacked by a man, who she thinks was angry because they had earlier rejected his advances in Club International. Her friends were also hurt, with one suffering "bad bruising" to the jaw, and her brother also received a black eye after trying to intervene.

She told the Packet that the group had been in Subway, where she had phoned her brother and his friend to come to collect them, and continued: "When my brother arrived I was punched to the ground. Everything is still a bit of a blur after that.

"I was told I was stamped on and had two men smacking me while I was down.

"Myself and all my friends are very upset about the situation. But if it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't be here now. Things could have got a lot worse if they didn't protect me."

And she added: "I feel sick and traumatised about it all. I can't sleep at night. I can't go out alone. I'm just thankful for the people that looked after me that night. That punch on the side of my head could have killed me."

Zara was taken to hospital for initial treatment, but has to return to the doctors as she is currently unable to sleep at night due to the amount of pain she is in, and she cannot open her left eye or see out of it. She will also need to visit a dentist to get her tooth repaired.

She has also called for the return of security on the town's late night food premises.

She said: "Bouncers should never have been taken away from the food bars at night. They prevented a lot of these situations from happening."

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed that they were called to a report of a "domestic incident" outside Church Street just before 3am on Saturday.

A spokesperson said "the victim was an 18 year old woman who suffered bruising."

*A 35 year old man is currently in police custody following an assault on Church Street in Falmouth. Enquiries continue.