Sanctuary Housing has said it will finally be addressing a non-stop water leak from an overflow in Falmouth which a nearby resident claims has continued for more than three years.

Gallons of water are currently being wasted due to the leak, which pours down a wall at Opes Court and into Free Steps Ope off Market Strand, wasting what one neighbour believes is hundreds of gallons of water.

The leak is from an upstairs flat, and the opeway's lease holder Keith McDowall, who lives in nearby Mulberry Quay, said it flows "continually" into Free Steps Ope meaning residents have to step around drips and puddles.

Mr McDowall claimed he has been trying to get South West Water or Sanctuary Housing to sort out the problem more than three years. with no success. He said: “Though the continual drip is irritating and must be damaging the wall, it is the awful waste that makes residents angry. Me too.

“I have been raising the issue continually with Sanctuary Housing who say they have investigated but cannot trace the source.

"This week I again sent a reminder to Sanctuary but have had no acknowledgement after more than five days. I sent them a video to prove the non-stop leak continues.

“ It strikes me that someone’s water bill inside Opes Court must be astronomical - or the person concerned does not care because they do not have to pay themselves."

Sanctuary Housing said there was no record of anyone contacting the company regarding the leak three years ago, and it had only come to light in the last few months. A spokesperson said the company had not previously been able to fully investigate the matter due to difficulty accessing the property, but this had now changed and it was hoped repair work would be carried out soon.

Katie Poole, the company's operations manager, said: "It has taken longer than we would have liked to identify the source of the leak as we have been unable to gain access to all the properties at the scheme to thoroughly investigate the issue. 

"I am pleased to confirm we have now managed to organise access to the specific address the leak appears to be coming from and fully intend to effect the necessary repairs to resolve the problem as soon as possible."

A spokesperson for South West Water said: "No recent reports of leakage have been reported to South West Water for that location, but we sent an inspector to investigate as a precaution. 

"He found water coming from an overflow pipe from a flat in Opes Court and put an advisory note through the letterbox as no one was answering.  We will monitor.  Ultimately enforcement action could be taken if the issue is not resolved."