Penzance and Newlyn residents will be some of the first in the county to have their say on final plans to improve parking in their towns.

Following Cornwall Council’s town parking review last year work has started to help improve parking in Penzance, reflecting feedback from local residents. A number of waiting restriction proposals have been developed for Penzance and Newlyn to help the free flow of traffic and improve road safety.

A consultation on the new statutory Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s) will begin on Thursday, September 7, and will be open for three weeks.

Penzance is one of the first towns to begin implementing the changes which were suggested by residents in the town parking review which took place last year. The residents’ suggestions have shaped the council’s proposal for each area, and different schemes have been proposed to best meet the needs of each town. Since April the council has been working to finalise the designs for each of the towns.

Councillor Dick Cliffe, mayor of Penzance and member of the West Penwith Community Network Panel, said: “I am pleased that Penzance will be one of the first towns to implement a package of changes proposed by residents during last year’s parking review. The proposed new yellow lines deal with some well-known problems in the parish but it is important residents, businesses and other road users check the proposals because it is all too easy to inadvertently create new problems when attempting to solve old ones.”

The new parking restrictions will be enforced by Cornwall Council’s civil parking enforcement officers (CEO’s) who also manage Cornwall Council owed car parks. Residents can also report illegal parking on yellow lines to the Cornwall Council parking operations team by telephoning 0300 1234 222 or emailing

Other parking or traffic issues, such as obstruction of the pavement, school zig-zag markings or parking in unrestricted areas, are dealt with by the Devon and Cornwall Police. More information about parking or traffic issues can be found on the Council’s website:

More information about the parking schemes and programme of work is available on the Council’s website:

The parking plans and information about how people can comment on them are available on the Council’s roads and traffic consultation website