Members of Redruth Town Band are feeling very proud after winning the prize for the Best Fourth Section Band at the Exmouth Annual Music Festival September 2.

The musicians are also feeling delighted at having achieved an overall second placing out of 13 bands for deportment and received an overall third placing for entertainment, beating bands graded above them.

A band spokesperson said: "It was a fantastic experience for the band and its supporters who also made the trip up with the band and the music director Keith Anderson is very pleased with all the hard work the players have put into achieving this great result for Redruth.

"Following this fantastic result, the band have had to say goodbye to three of our players all of whom are leaving us to join first and championship section bands and as a band we won't stand in the way of people's progress we wish them all luck and enjoy their banding. "We are now looking to fill their positions namely solo cornet and euphonium."

If anyone is interested in getting involved as a playing member or supporter they can get in contact with the band on Facebook , or visit at the band room on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7.45 pm at Redruth RFC.