The World Bellyboard Championships, hosted for the last 13 years by the National Trust, is set to return in 2018 organised and hosted by one of original co-founders and the RNLI.

The National Trust team who have proudly hosted and organised the competition are handing over the event to be able to further focus resources on nature conservation and habitat management work; to improve the important coastal sites they look after for people and wildlife.

Instead, next year's event will be run by the RNLI and World Belly Board Championships co-founder Martyn ‘Turnip’ Ward.

The championship was originally started in 2003 as a memorial for Arthur Traveller and was known then as the King Arthur Challenge Cup, with just a handful of people in attendance. In subsequent years the event went from strength to strength seeing competitors from Australia, New Zealand and the British Virgin Islands.

Mr Ward said: "Thanks to the National Trust for handing over this unique event and for their work in developing the World Bellyboard Championships. It’s our priority to carry on the tradition of the event and to reassure the existing supporters and any new belly boarders of this, however the format is set to change and become a fundraiser with more entertainment and a more themed itinerary to support the RNLI in the most effective way."

Steve Sudworth, lead ranger for Godrevy with the National Trust, said: "The local National Trust team here play a crucial role in protecting and conserving 10 miles of coastline from St Agnes to Godrevy and we need to continue to focus on this. However, we’re so pleased the championships can continue with Martyn and the RNLI and its great legacy can live on."

the decision will ensure that the World Bellyboard Championship’s tradition continues and provide an opportunity to raise awareness of the RNLI and its work saving lives at sea.

The event will run again from early September 2018 and more details will be coming very shortly with regular updates at