A planned pub roof terrace could disturb residents living near The Moor in Falmouth, but that should not stop it going ahead, according to the town's planning committee.

Committee members debated on Monday whether or not to support a planning application for a new rooftop terrace on the Packet Station pub which is run by Wetherspoons.

While concerns were raised about the impact of noise from the terrace on homes behind the pub, councillors agreed that mitigation efforts and properly enforced licensing hours could help to keep disturbance to a minimum while allowing the business to improve.

Wetherspoons is seeking permission to create a 260 square metre roof terrace and beer garden for drinkers and people wishing to eat, which the company said in its application would operate during the same hours as the pub below.

However at the planning committee meeting, Councillor Anna Gillett told members she had been contacted by residents living in home behind the pub, who she said were "not happy, and quite concerned it's going to affect their quality of life."

Councillor Candy Atherton pointed out that the pub already has a rear smoking area, although she added that she believed there was a limit on when it could be used, and added: "This should have a similar limit."

Ms Gillett pointed out that noise from the smoking area is currently "muffled" by a wall which runs up the building, meaning noise does not travel so easily to nearby residential areas, and added: "This isn't going to have any muffling so the constraints would be quite important."

Councillor Steve Eva said he believe the council should be encouraging development such as the roof terrace, and added: "We should be giving people more choice to sit outside, but we shouldn't be depriving people of quality of life at the same time.

Both Mr Eva and committee vice-chair John Spargo suggested putting a closing time on the terrace, but Ms Atherton pointed out that this would only work if it was enforced, and the council had had problems with such late night noise around Events Square.

Ms Gillett said: "It's not going to make a difference what time it is, the location of it is going to be impacting people's living."

It was also suggested by councillor Bob O'Shea that putting a sound baffle on the terrace "wouldn't be beyond the wit of man."

Councillor Eva said the council shouldn't fight the application based on whether Cornwall Council is likely to enforce any time limits, and moved to support it "because it brings business into the town."

Councillor Roger Bonney recommended a 10.30pm closing time for the terrace, with everybody off by 11pm, and said: "That gives residents a chance, before their children go to bed."

The committee voted to support the application subject to the use of a sound baffle and a condition that the roof be cleared by 11pm.