Budapest Café Orchestra will be bringing the sounds of Mitteleuropean sidewalk culture to west Cornwall in October with a Penryn performance.

Led by jazz violinist Christian Garrick, who also provided the soaring strings in the BBC Poldark theme tune, the Budapest Café Orchestra play traditional folk and gypsy flavoured music from across the Balkans and Russia, Klezmer, Romanian Doinas, Hungarian Czardas and beautiful ballads such as the theme to Schindler's List and Waltz Lacrimoso.

Evoking vivid images of Tzigane fiddle maestros, Budapest café life and gypsy campfires - with a few surprises along the way - it’s good enough to make you want to book a holiday along the Danube.

Budapest Café Orchestra will be at AMATA on the Penryn Campus on October 6 at 7.30pm.

For information and tickets go to or call 01326 259349.