Students at Pool Academy have written up their own set of rules for the new school year.

Teachers encouraged the students to draw up their own classroom rules as well as a code of conduct. There were many suggestions for the list but in the end children came up with five points for each.

Rules included being punctual, staying focused, being correctly equipped, listening carefully, completing homework on time and being resilient.

The code of conduct had six final items which included being kind, polite, respectful and helpful, having pride in presentation and uniform, having value for all and the school environment, being positive and support others

and being happy and making healthy choices.

Earlier in the term teachers created a list of what they thought could be included such as "be kind and helpful," "always be positive" and "be equipped and ready to learn."

The student-led rules have now been put into action.

Vice-principal Katrina Boyall, said: “Asking students to create their own rules helps them to think about their conduct in the school as well as when they are out and about in the community. The activity was well received and there were a lot of sensible and responsible suggestions.

“Staff and students came together to formulate the final version which included five rules. It was great to see staff and students working together to create a shared community we can all be part of. Well done to everyone at the school who helped to create such thoughtful classroom rules and student code of conduct.”