I see that the Falmouth & Penryn Conservation Committee has objected to the roof extension proposed for 13 Erisey Terrace with little other than a list of windows which they suggest should have small pane sashes. I am dismayed that this appears to be the extent of their interest.

Residents and visitors alike come to Falmouth to enjoy the attractive townscape and conservation areas such as this one contribute greatly to the desirable environment which the town offers for living working and visiting. But conservation areas are surely about much more than getting the number of window panes right?

The bigger picture is important and the accumulative effect of all those small details is what makes a conservation areas special: the sweeping terraces viewed as a group, the co-ordinated gutters and roof lines uniting individual houses, colourful painted frontages setting up a harmonious rhythm, common historic details and consistent traditional materials carefully maintained over decades, garden walls and railings etc. etc. – they all combine to give delight to all.

We residents are responsible for keeping our town looking good but if it appears that the Conservation Committee does not worry about anything much other than small window panes then how can we expect the man in the street to be motivated to resist the other careless changes which gradually erode the character of conservation areas?


Rob Homewood

Erisey Terrace