Yellow lines put alongside Porthleven harbour without consultation are to be removed – and there will be no attempt to replace them.

Porthleven Harbour & Dock Company said that the decision had been made “following constructive and helpful discussion with Cornwall Council officers.”

A spokesperson for company owner Trevor Osborne, who instructed the lines to be placed there, said: “The company put in place the markings to improve the safety of pedestrians on Commercial Road. Insufficient time was available to embark on the lengthy process to gain approval from the highway authority.”

She continued that Cornwall Council had now invited Harbour & Dock to make an official statutory application, which she said would involve a long consultation and attract costs of approximately £5,000.

“This is not considered a prudent expenditure and will not be incurred and, even though the lines were welcomed by many, they will now be removed,” she said, adding that instead the company would donation a similar sum of money to a “Porthleven charitable purpose.”

Mr Osborne said: “There is a good deal of time before next summer and we shall encourage Cornwall Council to continue our discussions and to involve the Porthleven community in finding ways to reduce the congestion we experienced in 2017 and to provide a safer environment for Porthleveners and visitors.”