Exeter University has apologised after students from Camborne School of Mines wore hi-vis emblazoned with swastikas and offensive slogans such as "I love rape" on a night out in Falmouth.

The students faced an almost instant backlash during the so-called 'PPE social' on Thursday night, leading members of the committee organising the evening to urge them to destroy the clothes, according to reports.

Members of the public and other students were outraged to see the tabards, which are usually handed to students ahead of their practical assignments, scrawled with offensive messages such as "F**k the Syrians" and "I love Vegas concerts", referring to last week's fatal mass shooting in America.

By the end of the night, many of those attending the event had turned their tops inside out to hide the messages.

According to reports of a leaked group message the following morning, bar-crawl participants were later urged to "destroy any hi-vis tops you have" and told "if you have any photos or videos delete them now, this is for your best interest and us as a committee."

As well as in town, the incident provoked criticism from fellow students on Facebook group Penryn Campus Fitfinder, with one fellow CSM attendee writing: "I am utterly dismayed with the actions of last nights social.

"There is a small cohort of students who are ruining it for us all. It's an embarrassment for me to tell people I'm CSM.

"Having grown up in Cornwall, knowing a lot about CSM traditions, old Cornish miners, and their associated mining towns history.

'I love rape' is not 'banter' or a part of Cornish culture."

Another added: "Apologies to anyone offended by the CSM social last night, we've always been disliked by the rest of campus but some people went too far last night. Just know that not everyone in CSM is like that and shares the views, even people on the social yesterday."

But some moved to defend the actions oft hose on the bar crawl as "banter," with Daryl Brooks writing that it was part of a "dark sense of humour" that was part of the reality of the mining industry where "miners stare down death on a daily basis."

He added: "Part of it is private jokes you guys don't understand the other half is getting people to deal with any situation that they are thrown into."

However, James Morris replied: "Being down a mining [sic] doesn't justify being a vile person and making disgraceful comments about a mass shooting."

Matt Flambard wrote: "I am not justifying what was done, but myself and everyone who has been commenting has heard worse jokes from stand up comedians on TV.

"It's just a shame there are so many socialist keyboard warriors who hate or are jealous of the prestige of CSM."

A spokesperson for the University of Exeter said the university and FXU have "a zero-tolerance policy towards racist, misogynist or similarly highly-offensive behaviour of any form."

They said: "As soon as we were made aware of this incident we sought immediately to identify the students and organisers involved and demanded that all offensive material be removed. An investigation was launched immediately and the consequences for anyone found to have breached our code of conduct will be determined by our disciplinary processes.

"We take the welfare and wellbeing of all our students, and our relationship with the local community, very seriously and are extremely disappointed by these unacceptable actions displayed by a small number of students, and we apologise unreservedly for the offence caused."

Related to another incident, the University of Exeter's Conservative group has said claims that one of its members smashed a glass near a family in a bar before exposing himself were false.

Dan Basil Collins, president of the FXU Conservative Future Society, said he had been 

After being notified of the alleged incident at Toast and, after talking to the bar owner, he had confirmed that the person involved was "not a member."

He said: "I have also spoken directly to the individual who asked for the original post to be published on Facebook. She has apologised and made clear that she had no proof the person involved in the altercation was a member of the Conservative Party or Society and regrets that the situation has gotten to this stage."

And in a further incident a man reported to be a CSM student was pictured sleeping next to a bin after several students allege he was kicked out of Club International after hassling them.