UPDATE: The lorry has now been towed away and Penmere has been reopened.


Penmere Hill in Falmouth is currently impassable to traffic after a lorry driver found himself in a sticky situation.

The driver had begun heading down the hill from the rugby club before getting to the bridge and finding his vehicle was too tall to pass underneath.

Although he did not become stuck under the bridge, the steep and winding nature of the road meant he was unable to reverse back the way he had come, and could not find a potential point to turn the lorry around.

The driver told the Packet: "I've got to the bridge and realised I can't get back up."

Police are currently on scene.

Due to reports that a road vehicle collided with the bridge trains between Truro and Falmouth Docks are running at a reduced speed, with disruption expected to continue until 1.30pm.

Great Western Railways said: "Train services running to and from these stations may be cancelled, delayed by up to 30 minutes or revised."