A Falmouth arts venue with strong beliefs on women's rights claims a promoter has moved a performance by feminist protest artists Pussy Riot after a pricing row.

The Fish Factory at Falmouth Wharfs was set to host a book signing and Q&A with Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina, along with an exhibition by local artists to accompany the event, however after one artist involved questioned what she saw as the promoters' high ticket prices the venue was dropped.

The community art space, which provides studios and exhibition space to local artists, had leapt at the chance of hosting Ms Alyokhina, having previously held a benefit gig for the band when they were incarcerated in Russia. However, they have now criticised event organisers Oberons Island for a "medley of mismanagement, stalled ticket sales, controversy and poor communication."

The organisation said the trouble began when artist Stacey Guthrie, who was set to exhibit at the same time as the Pussy Riot event, criticised Bobby King of Oberon's Island for charging £20 for the event, with another £25 for an evening concert at Falmouth Rugby Club.

Ms Guthrie wrote on the promoters' Facebook page: "It stinks a bit that you had to bribe them to come down and we take the hit in ticket prices... We have some of the lowest wages in the country but they want nice hotels and foody treats? B**ls to that."

Mr King responded: "They did not request the foody treats and now accommodation... If it's too expensive then please get a refund it's no problem."

And Ms Guthrie replied: "Thanks for your understanding of how poor we all are... I feel listened to."

Rose Hatcher, director of the Fish Factory, said: "Bobby King phoned in a rage and offered me the ultimatum: either kick Stacey out of the exhibition or they would find another venue for the book launch."

She added: "We were extremely excited about hosting the Pussy Riot book launch and were planning a weekend of free events to coincide with closing down our old premises. In December we are moving our studios, gallery and cafe to Penryn so this is a very busy time that has been made extremely stressful by the poor management of the promoters of this event.

"I can only hope that the public do not blame the Fish Factory for the shambolic organisation of the promoters."

Ms Guthrie said: "It seems ironic in the extreme that Oberons Island have silenced a female artist in such a way when promoting a group of activists who are internationally renowned for speaking out about the silencing of women artists."

Oberons Island said in a statement that the events, which they originally said had been moved to a larger venue, are non-profit making. Mr King said: "It is due to a verbal attack on the Oberons Island Events Facebook page that the event, sadly, had to be moved from its original venue, the Fish Factory. An artist, closely affiliated with the Fish Factory, and who would have been exhibiting during the Riot Days book launch and therefore spending the day with Pussy Riot, had publicly and viciously derided the events online. They made a number of unfounded, and utterly untrue, accusations about the organisation of these once-in-a-lifetime events, personally insulted both organisers and even launched a scathing attack on the hospitality treatment of the band during their stay.

Pussy Riot are the poster children for free speech on a global scale, but we cannot condone potential rudeness or insulting behaviour towards them. We want them to have a fantastic impression of our lovely town, and perhaps they will come back."

The Fish Factory, which is launching a Crowdfunder for its new home in Penryn, will still hold its exhibition and free workshops on November 25 and 26, as a sign of support for the local artists it hosts.

Oberons Island has since slightly reduced its ticket pricing, with some free tickets for carers wishing to attend.