Students of all ages played a part in the success of Penryn College's production of the ever-popular musical Bugsy which was performed in front of capacity audiences.

Over 100 students from years seven through to 11 took on acting, singing and dancing roles, or were part of the all-important back-stage tech team or the live band.

The lead roles were a mix of year eight, nine and 11 students who first auditioned for their roles in May and have since spent hours learning lines and getting to know their characters. The whole cast committed hours of their time for rehearsals after school, Saturday mornings and a full day in the October half term ready for the opening show before an audience of over 200 primary school pupils. The students also put on two daytime shows and two evening shows.

"The young people who were involved in this show were not only professional throughout the whole production of Bugsy, but came together to form friendships that would stay with them throughout their time at Penryn College," said a school spokesman. " The cast supported each other learning lines and spent time helping each other to learn choreography and stage directions to ensure the show was the best it could be for their audience."

One parent congratulated the creative arts department saying: "The quality of the young people you produce never fails to amaze and stun and we were deeply impressed with all the performers last night."

Head teacher Paul Walker described this musical as "the best show he had seen in this school," adding: "It was a warm, superb and fantastic experience. A pure piece of magic."

After the show Mr Walker celebrated with the students backstage and greeted them all with a handshake and congratulations.