Two job centres in west Cornwall are to close,in Camborne and Hayle.

MP for the area, Julia Goldsworthy said: "I am appalled that the government has decided to close two Job Centres in the most densely populated and deprived part of Cornwall. In 2006 I warned that the partial closure of the Camborne office was a sign of things to come, but I am still shocked that ministers have now opted for total closure here and in Hayle. This move totally ignores the needs of local people who rely on the service.

"Helping jobseekers back into work is one of the government's most important duties. Placing an expensive bus journey between them and the Job Centre seems like a strange way to help.

"I will be writing to the minister to repeat my objections and to ask what resources will be given to the Redruth Job Centre to cope with the extra demand."

Local councillor Anna Pascoe claims that the government ignored the views of local people: "As chair of Kerrier's Strong Communities' committee, I wrote to the minister raising a series of objections to their plans to close Camborne's Job Centre. This consultation was obviously just a sham, as the minister failed to answer a single one of the points I made on behalf of local residents.

"This move shows us once again that the Labour government is more interested in cutting corners than cutting poverty."