Students at Falmouth Marine School have designed a magnificent stained glass window that they can admire from their classroom.

The students from the Skills for Life course created the brightly coloured designs during collage workshops at Falmouth Art Gallery that were inspired by the artist Henri Matisse.

The vibrant collages were then recreated on a larger scale using coloured window film to give the effect of a stained glass window.

As part of the gallery's Celebrating Cornwall's Stained Glass Heritage project, Falmouth's municipal buildings, home of the art gallery, town council and library, are being transformed into a sea of shimmering colours.

The building is soon to be brought back to its former glory with two magnificent new stained glass windows designed by Falcare and children, as well as a wall of fantastic new tiles designed by local babies and toddlers.

The Marine School students are regular visitors to the gallery for creative workshops and were very excited about making their own stained glass window.

Course leader Eric Lafrogne said: "This stained glass project has provided much more than just promoting creative skills. It has enabled the students to contribute to the improvement of the Marine School and, as such to further help out with their self-esteem and recognition as a valuable member of the college and community.

"The colours on display have also brought smiles on many faces. I feel that Falmouth art gallery does a very good job at including people and making art accessible to all."

Gallery curator Brian Stewart added: "We are all absolutely delighted with the students' work. The window looks fantastic and in the sunlight the reflected colours really dance across the walls. They have done a great job."