A first ever Cornish radio soap opera will soon hit the local airwaves, thanks to the team at Falmouth and Penryn's community radio station.

The team at Source FM have been busy behind the scenes and in front of the microphone to create Carrick Roads, with the first episode due to be aired at 7.30pm on the October 11.

The drama serial follows the lives of locals who live and work in the fictional town of Penmouth. The pub, local café and church are all clustered around a busy wharf with a pier where a local boat hire company plies its trade.

The scripts have all been written by local contributors, who also play the parts. It is recorded at Troubador Studios in Falmouth and directed by Miracle Theatre actor Dominic Power.

Matthew Rogers, station manager at Source FM said: “We are hoping that the Carrick Roads characters will become as famous as the Archers here in Falmouth and Penryn and that The Drunken Sailor will be as notorious as The Queen Vic."

Among the tantalising questions the soap may answer in its first run of seven 15 minute episodes are: 'What is the vicar's criminal past?' and 'Whose body was picked up in the “Carrick Roads”?'

The second series is already deep in preparation by novelist Patricia Finney and poet Jeremy Rogers who is script editor for the serial.