Six Truro police officers and nine from Camborne and Redruth have been commended for their bravery and dedication at a force awards ceremony.

DC Yvan Clarke, who dealt with a knifeman following an incident at Royal Cornwall Hospital, has been given a Superintendent’s Certificate after a man followed his estranged wife, their daughter and her friend to the hospital, rammed their car with his own and stabbed the window with a knife.

Anthony Case, a maintenance assistant at the hospital who received the Superintendent’s Certificate for his actions, shouted at the man to stop, and was in turn threatened with the knife, before giving chase in an attempt to detain the attacker. But the offender got back in his car and drove at speed at Mr Case, who jumped out of the way but had his foot run over.

DC Clarke was sent to the scene his prompt grasp of the incident and following actions meant the offender was caught, brought to court and convicted.

PCs Andrew Budge, Adrian Street and Rob Jenkins, and Sergeants Mark Curnow and Graeme Condie, received Superintendent’s Certificates for responding to a stabbing in Truro after a call handler heard a man in the background threaten to stab the victim again.

The team found the injured man in pools of blood asking for help, in severe pain and traumatised and with a deep puncture wound to his torso and a punctured lung.

PC Budge tended to the wounded man while Sergeant Curnow pursued the offender on foot knowing he was still in possession of the knife. He was tracked to a home with two young children, and PCs Street and Jenkins and Sergeants Condie and Curnow arrested him.

Enquiry officers Neil Wynn and Keith Sturdy, PC Ross Waite, DS Dave Keevil and temporary DC Ella Clarke all received Superintendent’s Certificates for their actions after a 71 year old drove to Camborne Police Station and announced he had stabbed his 59-year-old passenger.

Officers Wynn and Sturdy detained the man, while PC Waite ran to the vehicle to assist the victim who was bleeding from multiple stab wounds to her neck, and stemmed the blood with his bare hands.

DS Keevil oversaw the investigation while temporary DC Clarke gathered evidence and looked after the victim and her family throughout the investigation and the court process, which ended in a lengthy prison sentence for attempted murder.

Acting PS Lloyd Vandike, and PCs Robert Pentecost and Niki Reed received a Chief Superintendent’s Commendation for rescuing a man who had fallen off a cliff at Portreath.

They had been searching for the man and found him on a small ledge, a short way down a jagged rock face, intoxicated and crawling closer to the edge.

Acting PS Vandike and PC Pentecost scaled a short distance down the cliff to the man, taking hold of his legs and encouraging him towards the safer side of the ledge. They were joined by PC Reed who engaged with the man to reassure and calm him before paramedics arrived and he was winched off the cliff by helicopter.

PC Jim Gallienne of Camborne was presented with the Kernow Cup for his work as a founder member Cornwall Search and Rescue Team, which provides a 24 hour inland search and rescue service.

He has led and developed the team which now provides mine rescue, swift water rescue, and surface sections at Bodmin and Redruth, and has worked on fundraising activities to raise the £20,000 a year needed for the service. It is also not uncommon for him to co-ordinate a search during his shift and then join the search team for hours after.