Visitors to Events Square in Falmouth could be forgiven for thinking they were on the set of a music video this afternoon when a squad of dancing police officers jigged into sight.

Click "Play Video" below to see the dancing police officers in action. The video will start after a short advertisement.

ABOVE: The Gangnam Style video shoot in Events Square. 

Busting a move to one of 2012's biggest hits "Gangnam Style" were Sergeant Gary Watts, PCs Barry Nicholas and Chris Vincent and PCSOs Ellie Grey and Chris Braddon.

The off-duty officers were filming scenes for an upcoming YouTube video, which will be launched next week in a bid to raise funds and awareness for a 12-year-old boy with a reoccuring brain tumour.

They were all given permission to be in uniform, Sgt Watts said.

Scenes filmed in Events Square this afternoon will be used for the end of the video and as so-called "filler" material between other shots.

BELOW: A team of volunteer backing dancers helped with the shoot.

Other locations visited by the Gangnam police officers today include Pendennis Point, Kimberley Park and the town's fire station.

Sgt Watts vowed to make the Gangnam Style video last month if he reached 5,000 followers on social networking website Twitter before the end of 2012 - a feat he duly accomplished with a little help from the #GangnamPoliceman hashtag.

  • Gangnam Style is a pop music single by a South Korean musician known as PSY. The song's video, which went live online in July and features the notorious dance moves copied by Falmouth police officers (above), is also the first video in the history of the internet to be viewed more than a billion times.
  • For more information on Joshua Wilson - the young boy with a brain tumour who the video seeks to benefit - search for Joshuas Journey on Facebook or visit the Joshuas 10k Challenge donation webpage

You can watch the original Gangnam Style video BELOW: