A charity auction more than doubled expectations in Porthleven on Saturday, raising a staggering £40,315.

Bidding at the Great Baulk Auction ran well into the evening, as an estimated 600 people overflowed from a marquee set up on the Harbour Head on Saturday.

Artwork created from pieces of the wooden baulk sea defences that were damaged in the infamous storm of 2014 were auctioned, all in aid of the Fishermen's Mission that helped so many fishermen and their families at that time, and continues to do so.

Julian Waring, the charity's regional fundraising manager, who came up with the idea for the auction, said: “It was an incredible day. There’s just so many people involved who helped and said ‘yes’ straight away, volunteering their time and energy and skill into creating the room as it was.

"I live in Porthleven; I live in a great community, that made a superb event and I'd like to thank everybody in Porthleven, and definitely the artists for their wonderful creativity."

Around 65 per cent of the lots went to bidders in the marquee, while the remaining 35 per cent were sold to people bidding online simultaneously.

The vast majority were local people, keen to have a piece of Porthleven history.

"I met with several people who have lost relatives and Porthleven is that special place for them and they wanted that special piece of social history for them and their family.

"Throughout all of this there's been amazing stories of generosity and skill given," said Mr Waring.

He thanked “star” auctioneer David Lay, who didn’t let the bidding stop for a moment and getting the most out of every lot, adding of the money raised: "It is going to do a lot of good for Cornish fishermen and their families, and retired fishermen."

The charity not only supports retired and injured fishermen unable to do their job, and the families of workers lost at sea, but also works on a day-to-day basis with the men and women going out on the boats on a daily basis, ensuring their health.

Fishing remains the most dangerous occupation in peacetime Britain and one in 16 fishermen have a chance of losing their life.

Mr Waring finally thanked Trevor Osborne for the use of the harbour on the day, the Lifeboat House Gallery exhibiting the work in the run up to the auction and not least for the wood itself, adding: "Without the wood we wouldn't have even started."

Further fundraising is due to take place for the charity at a concert being held during Porthleven Food Festival weekend.