Police in Redruth stopped a driver last week only to find a large knife sat on the seat next to him.

James Fury, 24, of Edgcumbe Avenue in Newquay, was sentenced by magistrates in Truro on Tuesday (18/4) to just under four months in prison for charges relating to the weapon along with driving offences.

Camborne and Redruth Police said following the traffic stop on Saturday, April 15: "Local officers on proactive patrols in the Redruth area last night stop checked a suspicious van.

"When the driver's door opened a large knife was seen by the driver's leg resting on the seat.

"The driver was detained, a further search of the vehicle located cannabis. The driver was found to be disqualified which in turn also invalidates his insurance."

One charge relating to the cannabis was dismissed at Truro Magistrates' Court, however Fury was sentenced to 84 days imprisonment for driving offences including driving whilst disqualified and without insurance, with a 14 day sentence of possession of a knife to run concurrently. A suspended sentence of 30 days was also activated, making for a total sentence of 114 days.

He was also disqualified from driving for a further seven months and 22 days, and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £120 victim surcharge.