CONTROVERSIAL plans to extend the faculty of graphics at Falmouth University’s Woodlane campus were conditionally approved by Cornwall Council this week.

Several residents living around the campus, particularly in Melvill Crescent, Trelawney Avenue and Foxes Lane, had objected to the proposals for a first floor extension and new foyer to the existing building.

The university claims there is a particular shortage of space for the existing graphic design and illustration students who are forced to share desks and studio space.

The new extension will create new space for existing students and up to 28 new students in a dedicated graphic design centre.

Cornwall Council agreed to grant approval after considering a report by case officer Nigel Brabyn.

He told councillors: “Despite receiving strong objections from Falmouth Town Council and the occupiers of neighbouring properties with regard to highway safety, lack of parking, over-development of the site, detrimental impact on neighbours and its impact on the Falmouth Conservation Area, it is adjudged that subject to the imposition of specific planning conditions relating to the provision of necessary boundary treatment/landscaping and the control of external lighting to protect the amenities currently enjoyed by neighbouring properties, the proposal is considered acceptable.”

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