A Falmouth mum has complained to Asda after she says she fed her baby formula milk which she later found was past its best buy date.

Kathryn Davidson, aged 33, from Swanvale, says she had already fed her seven-month-old son Oli the milk before her mum pointed out that it appeared to be out of date.

When she went back to the store she says she found more out of date milk on the shelves.

“I honestly, seriously, couldn’t believe it,” she said.

“I am aware that it is not illegal to sell food past its best before date, but it’s got it on there for a reason.

“Find me one parent that would be OK feeding their baby milk one month past the best before date.”

An Asda spokesperson said that they “take any complaint about baby products extra-seriously” and have “tight processes in place to avoid these incidents.”

Adding: “Unfortunately on this occasion we didn’t meet our own high standards and have moved quickly to investigate this.

“Customers can be reassured that all our stores have carried out a number of extra checks.”