A retirement home builder’s plans to develop a Mylor greenfield site have sparked controversy in the rural village.

Exeter-based Blue Cedar Homes want to build 13 “age-restricted” houses for those aged over 55 on land off of Cogos Park.

The plans come on the back of the equally controversial application for 30 new houses off Bells Hill, which only won approval last month after repeated consultation events and a drawn-out committee debate.

(ABOVE) A map showing the rough area where the retirement housing is proposed.

In a pre-application letter, land manager for Blue Cedar Andrew Rowe pointed to the parish plan, which he says identifies “housing for the elderly” as the “greatest special need.”

“Mylor Bridge is an active community with a good range of facilities in a desirable location,” he said.

“It is the kind of location where existing residents want to be able to stay as they reach more senior years.”

A full planning application for the Blue Cedar proposals has yet to be submitted to Cornwall Council, but neighbouring residents were already out in force at the last meeting of Mylor Parish Council vying to make their voices heard.

Jan Robson is from the Mylor Conservation Group, set up to contest the earlier Bells Hill plans.

She said: “It’s almost a joke. We have been told we need houses for youngsters to keep the village alive and now we have developers saying Mylor is a vibrant active community.

“Developers and Cornwall Council will say anything to achieve their objectives and leave Mylor Bridge to deal with the problems.”

Fellow objector Sally Staines raised concerns that development was set to make Mylor little more than a “dormitory suburb” of Falmouth and Penryn.

“So long as these developers can keep making their money, they will keep coming back with their bribes,” she said – referring to the so-called Section 39 money, offers |of affordable homes and highway improvements.

Geoff Cook, of Cogos Park, questioned the level of demand for the scheme as “there are nine bungalows which would suitable for older people” already up for sale.

While Kath Piper asked “how many more similar sites around Mylor village will be targeted by developers waiting in the wings?”

A planning application for the proposed retirement homes is expected to be submitted before the summer.