The Maritime Museum in Falmouth was abuzz with green energy on Thursday as Exeter University's marine scientists showed off their stuff.

Students and staff from the university were at the museum as part of a half term programme aimed at teaching school children more about marine life, the potential renewable energy benefits of the sea, and to show the importance of conservation and recycling.

The museum was awash with workshops, craft activities and demonstrations, all aimed at making the science of the sea fun and interesting for visitors of all ages.

Organiser Katrina Thompson said: "The idea is for everyone to have fun, but we're also hoping to spread the message of the importance of conservation, not polluting, and recycling plastic so it doesn't end up in the sea.

"We are using plastic bottles for our craft, to show that science is fun as well as inspiring, and to help the environment."

As well as small scale practical demonstrations of wind, solar and tidal energy production, children were able to see examples of sea life, and there were also two guest speakers.

Katrina said: "One was talking about sounds in the sea, and how fish communicate with each other and when we're making human noises they can interfere with how they communicate. That was fantastic, she got all the children shouting at each other and showed how a blindfolded man couldn't hear or communicate."

More than 400 people attended the event, and Katrina added: "I've only heard positive things, it's been good."