A town councillor in Falmouth has said there will be "no businesses left" if plans to build on Kernick industrial estate in Penryn go ahead.

Alan Jewell was commenting on plans to turn land currently used for businesses over to student housing, during a meeting of Falmouth Town Council on Monday.

He said: "It will be the same as the houses, once one goes, they will all go. We won't have any businesses left.

"There's some serious questions being asked, it's a nightmare."

He also criticised the university for having said it would not need any more student accommodation built outside the campus before 2030, as he claims plans to build on site will no longer go ahead, with plans instead to use purpose built developments provided by private companies.

He said: "The permission to expand the number of students was reliant on the university building on their own land. Now they are going to pull the plug on that.

"It's another case of the university doing what they want to do."