The normally peaceful Lemon Arms in Mylor Bridge was shaken on Saturday by a potential brawl which resulted in several assault allegations, including two on police officers.

One eyewitness said he had never in his life seen such a sight, as he reported an “absolute nut case” kicking off and “punching everyone,” adding “absolute 

The Packet spoke to landlord John Pearce, who called the event “worrying,” and said it had started after an older and a younger man had been in the pub for a meal.

He said: “The younger lad was getting a bit forward with a couple of gentlemen in their 90s at the bar, who come in on a regular basis. I refused to serve him and more because I didn’t want him in the pub any more. As soon as I did that he flipped and started trying to take on the older gents, and then anyone else in the pub.”

John added that after originally lashing out at the landlord himself, the man turned his attention on “anybody who made eye contact, and “was making “plenty of threats,” and even allegedly threatened a pregnant woman, before he managed to get him out of the pub.

He said: “I’ve been running pubs for 21 years and it’s the first time I haven’t been able to talk somebody down.

“For a nice quiet village pub it’s a bit of a turn up for the books.

“I look back and think it’s probably frightening, but at the time you’re preventing him from endangering anyone, keeping him out of the premises.”

John managed to get the man out of the pub and keep him there while the police were called.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson confirmed that officers were called to The Lemon Arms on Lemon Hill at around 11pm on Saturday following reports of “a large disturbance within the public house.”

* Daniel Mair, aged 29 from Ponsharden, Falmouth has been charged with a public order offence, two counts of assault on a police officer and three counts of assault. He appeared before Bodmin Magistrates Court on Monday, September 18