It’s not uncommon for customers of a Falmouth bar to feel a bit wobbly after having one too many – but the discovery of two buckets full of Portuguese man o’ war on the roof took things to the next level.

Confused staff at the Games Room made the surprising discovery yesterday morning.

Dozens of the creatures – which contrary to popular belief are not jellyfish but a type of hydrozoan, made up of more than one animal working together as one – had been left within a pair of pink buckets on the pub’s flat roof.

Falmouth Packet:

The creatures were discovered on the bar's flat roof. Photo: Marine Conservation Society

Sadly, many of them appeared to be dead.

Staff contacted the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) for help on what to do with their unwanted lock-ins.

They were advised to tip them back into the water and let nature take its course.

The MCS told its followers on social media that it had “odd news” to report, saying: “We were very surprised to hear from the Games Room in Falmouth that someone had left two buckets of Portuguese man 'o war on the flat roof of their pub.

“Please do not collect these animals when you find them, just report them to us. If the local council doesn't do official disposals, let the tide take them back.

“They shouldn't be touched or picked up at all - they're venomous!”

Falmouth Packet:

Staff were advised to tip the creatures back into the sea. Photo: Marine Conservation Society 

It is the tentacles of the creatures that pose the threat, carrying a nasty sting that in extreme cases can be fatal although usually just leaves its victim suffering serious discomfort for a few hours.

The past week has seen a sharp rise in the number of reports of Portuguese man o’ war being stranded on beaches in the area and the MCS has asked people to continue sharing any sightings with the organisation.

It has been reported that the creatures were collected by a research student, only for the student to leave them behind.