Falmouth's notorious traffic bollard at the bottom of Church Street struck again this morning when a car was damaged after colliding with the barrier.

The incident was captured on camera by the landlord of the Mason's Arms in Falmouth, Simon 'Fudgie' Fudge, who posted it on the You knew you grew up in Falmouth ... Facebook page.

There was damage to the underside of the vehicle and a pool of diesel left at the scene.

Traffic was 'diverted' through Church Street car park which, ironically, is the way it is supposed to go unless they are a resident, delivery driver or trader.

The automatic rising bollard has been damaged eight times in the last three years being put out of action as a result on numerous occasions and having to be repaired or replaced.

Locals are notorious for taking advantage of the fact that it is programmed to lower for you if you wait there for 30 seconds Commenting on the 'You knew you grew up in Falmouth Facebook page, Michael B Preston said: "Get rid of it it cost too much to repair / replace . Please Falmouth town council stop wasting good money on a useless , cost-effective bollard that no one wants . Spend the monies on something that is useful and effective on Falmouth , the bollard is not wanted ."

While Simon Bagnall said: "How difficult it it to understand? Do not drive through town unless you are going to the Car park. If that's too hard then it's no wonder people crash into it.

A traffic order is in place which makes the use of the road as a through route an endorsable offence.

This restriction means no-one should be driving through the street, and can be penalised by police irrespective of whether the bollard is operational, as it is merely there to aid compliance.