Calls for a new road crossing have been made after an elderly lollipop man was knocked down while trying to get schoolchildren safely across the road.

Horrified onlookers had screamed at him to get to safety in the moments before the collision – but to no avail as the man in his 70s was knocked to the ground, banging his head on the road surface.

Police said the man – believed to be Tony Halloran, who is originally from Liverpool – was involved in a collision with a motorbike in Dracaena Avenue at 8.23am on Friday.

The collision was witnessed by 11-year-old Falmouth School pupils Tegan Woods and Rebecca Kitts.

Tegan said they had watched in horror as the lollipop man was dragged along the road.

“We ran over to see if he was okay, but people were getting out of their cars and asked us to get to the school and to tell them what had happened. We ran to school, and they called the ambulance from there. It was horrible, really scary. I just hope he is okay.”

Rebecca added: “He is a lovely man, he speaks to us every time we cross. We are just hoping he is okay and can come back to work there.”

Meanwhile, there have been calls for road safety in Dracaena Avenue to be reviewed following the incident.

One parent, Lisa Heidston, said she thought a proper crossing should be marked on the road, which is part of the A39.

She said: “They need something here, the amount of children going to and from school. It’s lucky it wasn’t a child.”

A police spokesperson said officers had now closed the log on the case.