A FALMOUTH student is hoping to bounce his way into the record books when he takes to Gwithian Beach on his space hopper this Sunday.

Roger Auster, 19, and his hopper Napoleon will be attempting to break the world record for the farthest distance travelled on a space hopper in 24 hours.

Having bounced two miles as part of a charity fundraiser when he was 15, Roger and Napoleon are hoping to make the space hopping experience bigger and better than ever before.

The current record stands at 3.11 miles, and Roger will be attempting to bounce 3.9 miles to raise money for World Land Trust, a charity close to his heart.

The trust is an international conservation charity that works to raise awareness of the need for environmental conservation.

Championed by Sir David Attenborough, they protect threatened landscapes and habitats and depend on public donations to continue this work.

Roger will be undertaking the challenge with his hair dyed orange to match the hopper, having pledged to do so if he raised a minimum of £500.

With days of pledge collecting still to go, the total amount raised so far currently stands at £743.

Roger said: “I am determined to do it whatever the cost, it will be worth it. Yes, I will look a complete and utter muppet and possibly cause myself some serious pain, but there is in fact a reason for doing so.”