Cornwall Council’s response to a plea for help from St Keverne Parish Council has been described as “disappointing.”

The parish had written to unitary authority asking for support in the project to protect Coverack’s Dolor car park, which is in a poor state of repair and risks being lost to the sea. If not able to give financial help, the parish council asked if Cornwall Council could draw up designs for the work instead.

Council chairman Russell Peters said the car park was not only important for visitors but also as the only place heavy goods vehicles could turn round in when they reached that end of the village. Mr Peters said Cornwall Council’s response was “disappointing,” with the reply letter even questioning why the vehicles travelled that far.

“I don’t know if they thought they would stay at North Corner and carry things on their back?” joked Mr Peters. Coming from the council you would think they would have more common sense.”

Councillor Bill Frisken agreed: “I’m very disappointed on behalf of the people of Coverack that county highways doesn’t deem fit to utilise the highways properly.”

Councillor Tony Carey believed the council was “under the misapprehension” that the car park was only used by lorries. “It’s all transport, especially in the summer when there’s nowhere else to turn round,” he said. Councillor Sarah Lyne said: “They just don’t want to pay for all the work involved. I suggest we get somebody else to do it.”

It was noted, however, that Cornwall Council did have standard drawings that might be available and it was agreed that the parish council get hold of these before asking a third party to alter them to fit the specific situation.