A husband who sent "hundreds" of text messages to his wife after their marriage had broken down was given a restraining order by Truro magistrates.

Martyn Pyne, aged 41, of RNAS Culdrose, HMS Seahawk, Helston, pleaded not guilty to harassing Alison Pyne between June 1 and September 9 by persisting in contacting her by phone, computer and in person.

When he agreed to a restraining order CPS prosecutor Gail Hawkley offered no evidence on the charge and the magistrates dismissed it.

Ms Hawkley said after the marriage breakdown there were problems with issues over finance and child care, and Pyne had been texting Ms Pyne continually although she had told him to stop.

“We are talking about hundreds of texts, over 800 in about four weeks,” said Ms Hawkley.

The order against Pyne was that he should not contact or approach Alison Pyne by any means whatsoever, including by a third party, save through a solicitor, but he could apply to have the order reconsidered by the court in the light of any future family court finding on child care issues.