For one day only the men of Culdrose were allowed to wear a moustache last week, a move that would normally go against naval law.

While men all over the rest of the country have been growing moustaches for “Movember,” Culdrose personnel had to grow what is known as a “full set,” or full beard, in accordance with a rule dating back to 1916.

Yet last Thursday, as a special treat, the men were allowed to experience life with a moustache.

Their facial hair growing efforts were judged in a big “tache off,” with the winner named as physical trainer Mark Yates from the Culdrose Gym.

The judging took place in the station cinema, where sick bay staff were also on hand to give advice on men’s health issues.

Surgeon Commander Alan Bowie, principle medical officer at Culdrose, said: “I was keen that RNAS Culdrose got involved in Movember, as it’s an excellent way of raising awareness of the health problems that men can get.

“We have carried out a great deal of health promotion across the whole air station, with leaflets and posters and a pair of plastic testicles placed in the medical centre’s reception area so that individuals can feel and see what a lump may feel like.”

Movember is an annual month-long charity event designed to raise funds and awareness for men’s health and male cancers through the growing of moustaches.