A Culdrose engineer who drove his car through Falmouth while out drinking with friends was ‘arrested’ by bouncers, a court heard.

Michael James Williamson, of Carnon Terrace, Devoran, was taken into custody for drink driving on September 18.

The 23-year-old had “lost his friends over the course of the evening” and “didn’t have enough money on his own for a taxi back,” Terry Eastwood said for the defence.

After initially trying to sleep in his car, “he decided he would go a very short distance from where he parked his car to the place where he was arrested,” Mr Eastwood said.

He was detained by door staff who waited for the police to arrive and he was found to be a little less than twice over the legal limit when he was breathalysed.

A single man, who currently lives at home with his parents, Williamson will now be forced to move back into quarters as “getting from Devoran to Culdrose will be nigh on impossible without a driving license,” Mr Eastwood said.

Chair of the magistrates, John Jay, banned Williamson for 17 months to be reduced by 17 weeks if he attends a drink drive rehabilitation course.

He was ordered to pay a £275 fine, reduced from more than £400 for his early guilty plea, in addition to 85 costs and a £28 victim surcharge.