A Helston-based disaster relief charity has found a new home on the high street thanks to an international fashion retailer.

Topshop has partnered with ShelterBox and launched a new range of bracelets to raise funds for the charity's disaster relief efforts.

The four friendship bracelets will be sold in stores across the UK and USA, as well as online.

Maribeth Lloyds, ShelterBox corporate fundraising manager, said: “We’re thrilled Topshop has decided to support ShelterBox in this way.

“We hope the bracelets will prove popular and help to spread the word about ShelterBox to a young audience.”

The bracelets cost £2 each with a £1 donation going to ShelterBox.

Mary Homer, Topshop managing director, said: "ShelterBox deliver an essential frontline service to victims of natural disasters throughout the world, providing relief to thousands of families in desperate need.

“Topshop is proud and delighted to be supporting such a unique charity in their innovative and indispensable work."

The custom designed bracelets feature coloured leather bands and engraved metal discs with four designs to choose from.