Relocating a radio mast closer to St Keverne would leave Coverack at risk of no mobile phone reception at all.

This was the claim by councillor Bill Frisken at the last meeting of St Keverne Parish Council.

Members were asked to give their views on a pre-planning application by the Harlequin group for telecommunication company EE (Everything Everywhere).

This was for a proposed radio base station at the old radar station on Trevallack Farm, St Keverne, to replace the Orange mast at Old Slaughterhouse.

Mr Frisken told members that while he appreciated it might give better reception at Laddenvean, he was unhappy.

He said: “Looking at the maps of the area it would appear that while Coverack gets a very limited reception by the harbour area [currently], if the mast was moved to this new site Coverack would get no reception whatsoever.

“In St Keverne the majority of people have landlines. In Coverack in the summer the vast majority of people have only access to mobiles.”

He feared Coverack would “dip out” if the relocation went ahead.

Councillor David Lambrick said: “I just feel that a 40 metre mast is unacceptable in the area, where we’re fighting to stop wind turbines being above 29 metres. It’s destroying the natural beauty of the area.”

Dr Peter Harris, speaking in public participation, agreed with this view and mentioned an alternative site that had also been suggested, which would see the mast put in St Keverne’s allotments.

He understood the revenue from the mast would then go to the Sandy’s and Hosken Educational Trust that runs the allotments, which would mean the money would go back into the community.

Members unanimously agreed to write to Harlequin asking for the mast to be put on higher ground between St Keverne and Coverack, to cover a wider area and add that the proposed mast was too high.