Aspiring apprentices at Penryn College were given some top money making tips with a twist recently by a reality TV star from Helston.

The Penryn Interact team, part of the Rotary Club's youth arm, met former “Apprentice” contestant Naomi Lay for a presentation and talk ahead of a charity challenge based on the popular BBC show.

Naomi is the daughter of the Rotary's district governor Stephen Lay and she featured on series three of the programme, which aired in 2007.

Ross Hancock, from the college, said: “The Interact Club are running a new initiative after Christmas when the students will be split into teams and given £20 each from the Rotary Club of Penryn.

“They then have to use it to make as much money as possible for charity over a period of time.

“The initiative has been launched with an 'apprentice'-type spin on it, so the ex-contestant's speech aided to inspire the teams.

“The district governor was most impressed with the 'interact' leaders and the way the club has been set up and managed,” he added.