For Porthleven man Jamie Giddens the weather is much more than simply a topic for idle chitchat – he presents amateur forecasts from his own back garden.

Jamie said: “I’m quite interested in the weather and how it works. You hear so many people talking about it. I thought making my own weather show in my back garden would be fun.”

With no studio, green screen or prime time spot on the television, Jamie uses his own wooden cut out of the UK, complete with cotton wool clouds and yellow pepper suns.

“I just like making things,” he admitted. “I’m going to get some polystyrene and mash it up to try snow.”

However, the minimal settings have not rained on his parade. Every Friday evening Jamie enthusiastically presents an alternative weekend forecast and is already drawing widespread interest.

The forecasts can be seen on his website, on which he compares himself to “a bit like a supply teacher.”

He told the Packet: “By the delivery of an accurate and engaging weather forecast, I believe it is possible to maintain the happiness of a nation.”

His unique style and unusual sets have drawn the attention of an Israeli internet discussion site (blog) and he recently gave a live forecast at a prestigious art event.

His website is the first project to be sponsored by Penzance-based, a map-based search engine firm where Jamie’s younger brother Jonny works. The enterprise wants to advertise Cornwall as “a hub of creativity.”

“Getting sponsored by Mapov really boosted it for me,” Jamie said.


Have a look at Jamie's weather forecasts below.