A free exhibition with entertainment is being held at Helston Folk Museum this Saturday to celebrate a pantomime in the Cornish language.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Erghwynn ha'n Seyth Korr) was written by John Parker and performed in Madron by a class of Cornish language students just before Christmas.

This weekend's event will take place between 10.30am and 12.30pm, featuring extracts from the play read by members of the cast and some songs from Keur Heb Hanow (Choir Without a Name). Refreshments will be provided.

The exhibition “Me a Wra Leverel an Pyth a Virav” (I Say what I See) features documents, costumes, props and photographic portraits of the cast and looks at the relevance of the Cornish language of Kernewek, the county's enduring love of pantomime and the contribution that amateur enthusiasts make to culture in Cornwall.

It has been staged by artist Janet McEwan, with help from the actors, who are students at a Cornish language class in Heamoor.