Volunteers have helped uncover Loe Pool’s natural beauty from underneath a pile of rubbish.

Despite only three people turning up to the litter pick organised by National Trust community ranger Greg Cross, they managed to collect a dozen bags of rubbish between them.

While recent flooding has left the paths a little muddy, the extra water had also caused rubbish that had been previously thrown into the pool to float out onto the footpaths.

Not only was this unsightly but it could also have proved a danger to wild animals and birds, which can become ill from eating it or even trapped in it.

The group met at the National Trust car park at Degibna and targeted the area of the footpath between there and Carminowe Creek, which is mainly woodland.

Mr Cross said: “We made a real difference – it was definitely a worthwhile day.”

He said the litter picks would become a regular thing and anyone wanting to volunteer could contact him by emailing gregory.cross@nationaltrust.org.uk He is due to speak to Helston’s army cadets about the possibility of arranging a pick with them.