An entertainer at Gweek Seal Sanctuary was stunned when a mysterious do-gooder posted back his missing wallet that he had lost some 350 miles away.

Alex Coulson, who lives at Manaccan on the Lizard Peninsula, lost his wallet on a trip to his hometown of Manchester.

Alex, 22, had returned to the city to celebrate his birthday and misplacing his wallet meant he was unable to enjoy any celebrations.

He had also recently crashed his car and urgently needed his driving licence to obtain a courtesy vehicle.

Alex was stunned when the missing wallet arrived at his home, untouched, by first class post.

The wallet had contained bank cards and a small amount of money, but the finder had not even taken any change to pay for the cost of postage.

Alex said: “I wouldn’t have bet money on my wallet being returned, but this reinforces the idea that there are good people in the world.”

Alex is now hoping to track down the anonymous Good Samaritan to thank them and offer a reward.

“This person went out of their way to look on my driving licence, find my address and take my wallet down to the post office without touching any of the cash,” said Alex. “It was as good a deed as it could have been in the situation.”

He is now desperate to make contact with his guardian angel and say thank you.

Alex has spoken to his bosses at the seal sanctuary and they have agreed that if the person can be traced they will be given free entry as his guest.