It was hooray for O’Shea on Saturday when the world number four darts player took on the best of Helston’s throwers.

More than 100 people filled Helston Royal British Legion to see Tony O’Shea take on the six men and six women who had qualified to take part in an evening of exhibition matches.

Tony played 18 games and although a couple of the younger players managed to beat him over single legs, his skills on the world stage won through in the end and no one was able to beat him on the night.

The result was helped in no small way by the 20 scores of 180 that he hit.

Organiser John Paul Williams said: “We had a fantastic evening. We had over 100 people there and everyone had an amazing time. I’ve never seen so many people laughing and having a good time.”

Tony enjoyed the evening so much that he has offered to return in February next year with British Darts Organisation world number 16 Darryl Fitton.

“I’d like to thank everyone who entered the competition. Next year will be even bigger,” promised Mr Williams.

“We can only afford to do it once a year, but I shall start sorting out next year’s event almost straight away. I’ll give myself about three weeks off then get going with it.”

However, he said without the help of sponsors Skinners Brewery this year’s event would have been unable to go ahead.

The brewery helped with advertising and other costs, and has already agreed to sponsor next year’s event.

The aim of the evening was to raise money for the club, with the funds raised going towards next year’s event.

“The club’s done very well itself,” said Mr Williams. “I run all the sports side of it; they give me a free hand.

“I did all the qualifying events myself, and set up everything with the committee.

“It’s not just about me, the whole committee helped so a big thanks to them.”

He also thanked Helston signage and printing company Harlequin Design that sponsored the new lettering for the club by completing the work for free, as well as JC Williams in town for lending him a van to move items and equipment to the club.

Mr Williams added: “And a thank you to people who turned up, everyone had a great time.

“I’d also like to thank the Packet for turning up and supporting a club which has been struggling but is getting back on its feet again.”