Villagers are to be given back control of Porthallow’s flood defence system.

At the most recent meeting between residents and the Environment Agency it was agreed that the responsibility for the pipes and grills that work as an overflow for excess water will revert back to the village.

The idea is that water goes through the grill and into giant pipes across the beach, releasing water into the sea.

Previously, however, the Environment Agency had control of the system, which meant that when the grill blocked during heavy downpours at the end of last year, causing Porthallow to flood, residents were unable to do anything to prevent it.

St Keverne parish councillor David Lambrick told his fellow members: “The problem the Environment Agency had was the fact that they couldn’t allow members of the village to do anything about it if there was a flood, because of health and safety.

“What the agency has suggested is they give back the pipes and grills to the committee, so the responsibility reverts back. The agency will still maintain the river and grill.”

Mr Lambrick described it as “a very satisfactory outcome,” adding that the Environment Agency would also dig out a wall that was currently blocking the pipes.

“I think it’s as good a situation as we’re going to get,” he said.