Helston residents should make sure their keys are nowhere near their letterboxes following a spate of car thefts which have seen the stolen vehicles then used to commit other crimes.

Helston Police has reported a wave of burglary offences recently in the town and the surrounding area, in which car keys have been targeted by thieves who have gained access via open or insecure windows and doors.

A police spokesperson said: "Access to some properties is believed to have been by reaching in through the letter box to take keys left within reach.

"The vehicles are then stolen and used to facilitate further offences."

Residents are reminded to keep premises secure and to not leave keys or belongings where they can be accessed through letterboxes.

Any suspicious activity, including the theft of number plates, should be reported to police by calling 999 if offenders are still in the area at the time of your call, or otherwise by calling 101.